A Simple CMS For Your Clients

Discover why more than 25,000 websites use Surreal CMS to manage their content.

Edit All Your Websites

Manage all your websites from the same account. Surreal CMS connects to your web server over FTP, SFTP, or Amazon S3. Use the same web hosting you always have.

All files get published directly to your web server, so you’ll never be locked in to our service.

And since nothing gets installed on your server, you never have to worry about running updates and your website will stay safe from security exploits.


Control Your Content

You choose what users can edit. Clients will only have access to the content regions you’ve selected. To create a content region, simply add class="editable" to almost any element on the page.

Not comfortable with code? No problem. Use our click-to-define editor to create content regions with a few clicks.


Beautiful Inline Editing

Surreal is the only CMS in its class that offers inline editing. Just click on the page and type. It’s the most intuitive way to edit!

Our editor is so easy to use that most clients start using Surreal with little or no training. If you can type, you can use Surreal CMS. It’s one of the reasons designers and clients love us so much.

Go ahead and give it a try. You can edit this whole block!

Limited demo. Many features have been disabled.

Powerful User Management

Surreal gives you an easy but powerful way to manage users. You can select the websites each user has access, and even assign permissions for each page.

Toggle almost 20 different features on and off for each user. Give clients more or less access depending on their skill level.


White-label Ready

Surreal CMS was designed to be yours. Add your logo and change the theme. Make it your own system and resell it to clients. You can even use your own domain if you want.

Our white-label features ensure that clients won’t ever know you’re using our service unless you tell them!


Fully Responsive Design

Edit from the comfort of your desktop or make changes on the go with your tablet or phone. Surreal CMS works great on any device. You don’t have to download an app. Just open your browser and start editing!


Track Your Changes

See what’s been published in the activity section. Sort by website, webpage, or user. No more wondering what happened. Now you know who published what and when.

Need to revert to a previous version? No problem. Surreal keeps a copy of all revisions for six months so you can go back to an older version with a couple clicks.


Full-featured File Manager

See what’s on your web server. Upload files, create folders, rename, and delete them. No need for an FTP client. It’s all built into Surreal CMS.

And don’t worry. You can customize each user’s privileges so you don’t have to worry about that client who likes to accidentally delete his homepage every other week!


Built-in Google Analytics Dashboard

Connect your Google Analytics account and give your clients access to important visitor data. No more bloated, confusing analytics panels. We give you exactly what you need to see in an easy-to-use dashboard.

View over 20 simplified reports for any date range, many with interactive charts that make understanding analytics data easy. Best of all: you never have to leave the CMS.


Developer API

Want to integrate Surreal CMS into your own app? No problem! We offer a RESTful developer API that gives you programmatic access to your sites, users, and more.

Streamline your workflow by adding new sites and users automatically from your own application. All it takes is a couple HTTP requests!


Legendary Support

We’re well-known for our incredible support. You’ll always get a helpful response in less than 24 hours — even on weekends and holidays.

Most tickets are resolved in just one message. We don’t mess around when it comes to getting you the help you need!


So Much More!

Repeatable regions, page templates, custom styles, SEO editing, lockdown mode…

There’s so much more we could talk about, but maybe it’s time to just create your account and try everything out.

Jacob Nicholson An amazing mix of simplicity and power in a CMS. Jacob Nicholson / HostingAdvice.com
Mike Johnston The devs have done an amazing job with this one. Mike Johnston / CMS Critic