Pay as you grow

Tiered pricing makes it easy to grow your business with us

Every account starts with a 14 day trial. Once your trial is over, we bill based on the number of websites you’re managing. It’s that simple. No hidden fees, no annoying upsells. You can cancel anytime without hassle.

Number of websites
1 – 5
Price / month

All prices in USD. Get 10% off by paying yearly.

How can I use Surreal CMS for free?

We encourage designers to offset the cost of service by charging clients a reasonable monthly fee for the following:

  • Unlimited access to Surreal CMS
  • Website analytics (via Google Analytics + Surreal CMS)
  • Web hosting
  • Domain registration
  • Technical support
  • A limited number of design/layout changes

If you have just two clients on board at $10 a month, you’ll actually be making money every month!

Do you offer a non-profit discount?

Yes! We offer a 50% discount for accounts that exclusively manage websites for non-profit organizations.

Contact us for more info.