Custom branding

Surreal is intended to be a white-label solution, meaning your clients will only know you’re using our service if you tell them. We let you use your own logo and customize the theme. Our service operates on a generic domain called edit-content.com. Emails that get sent to your clients come from the “Content Management System”. Our whois record is private. Support requests from your clients go directly to you. We go the extra distance to ensure your secret won’t be discovered.

Uploading your logo

You can use your own logo in the CMS by uploading it in the Settings section. For best results, we recommend using a 24-bit PNG image with a transparent background. If your logo is too big, the CMS will automatically resize it to fit.

The maximum dimensions for a logo are 660x140 pixels, but the actual display size is only 330x70 pixels. We store the larger size logo in order to support devices with high pixel density displays.

Selecting a theme

Choosing a theme is as simple as selecting a color. Simply use the color picker to find the perfect hue for your business, or enter in a specific hex value.