Permissions & privileges


Permissions determine what sites and pages each client has access to. You can designate one or more sites for each client and specify which pages they are allowed to edit. Clients may be granted access to all pages or just select pages of each site.


Privileges determine what features a client has access to. Each client has their own set of privileges, so you can give advanced users more access than novice users. Available privileges include the following:

  • Auto-publish pages <autopublish>
  • Create folders <create-folder>
  • Create pages <create-page>
  • Delete files <delete-file>
  • Delete pages <delete-page>
  • Duplicate pages <duplicate-page>
  • Edit font styles <edit-font-style>
  • Edit page source <edit-full-source>
  • Edit page properties <edit-page-properties>
  • Edit region source <edit-region-source>
  • Insert horizontal lines <insert-hr>
  • Insert code snippets <insert-snippet>
  • Insert and edit tables <insert-table>
  • Move pages <move-page>
  • Publish pages <publish-page>
  • Relabel pages <relabel-page>
  • Rename files <rename-file>
  • Upload files <upload-file>
  • View analytics <view-analytics>

API users should use the strings on the right when referencing privileges.