Drafts & revisions

A revision is a copy of your page that gets stored in our database for future use. Every time a page is published, a revision is created so you can revert to it and keep track of who made edits to the page.


You can also save your changes as a draft so you can finish working on them later. Drafts are simply revisions that don’t get published to the site right away. To publish a draft, you must open the draft, make any additional changes, and then publish it. After publishing, your draft will be converted to a historical revision.


In addition, you can schedule changes to be published automatically at a certain time. The CMS will queue your changes and, when the time comes, attempt to upload the changes via (S)FTP. For this to work, your server must be online when the scheduled time comes. If the CMS is unable to publish your changes for any reason, the scheduled revision will turn into a draft and you will receive an email informing you of the error.

To access a revision, select Edit » View Revisions from the editor’s toolbar. Then select the revision you want to see.