Character encoding

Surreal publishes content encoded as UTF-8. UTF-8 is capable of representing every character in the Unicode character set, including those from many different alphabets. If you publish a page and notice strange characters appearing, chances are your pages are not being served as UTF-8.

Setting UTF-8 with meta tags

To tell browsers to use UTF-8 on your pages, place the following into the head section of your pages:

<meta charset="utf-8">

For your convenience, Surreal will automatically try to update your character encoding during publishing if it detects that it hasn’t been set to UTF-8.


In some cases, your server may be configured to serve pages as ISO-8859-1 or another encoding even if you have the correct meta tag. If you’re still seeing encoding issues, try one of the following solutions.

In your .htaccess file

ASP.NET users

ColdFusion users