Using your own domain

As part of our white-label service, the CMS is hosted on a generic domain called edit-content.com. If you prefer to use your own domain instead, you can follow these steps:

  1. Login to your domain registrar’s control panel
  2. Navigate to the DNS management section
  3. Create a CNAME record that points to edit-content.com

Once you’ve created the CNAME record, it may take up to 24 hours for DNS changes to propagate. After that, you should be able to access the CMS from the custom domain you selected.

For more detailed instructions on how to create a CNAME record, please contact your domain registrar.

Due to the way SSL certificates work, it is not possible to access custom domains over SSL without receiving a certificate error notification. However, SSL connections are not required for clients as no sensitive FTP/SFTP data is sent during their session.